Hare Kon.

Hare Kon.

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Genres: Comedy, Ecchi, Harem, Romance, Seinen,
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Hare Kon.:

Koharu, tired of all the men in her life being lying, married philanderers, decides to move back home, away from the city. Once there she finds her family saddled with a huge debt and no way out, until a handsome but creepy stranger offers to pay the debt, at the same time asking her to marry him. But, as if things weren't crazy enough, he already has two wives!


Chapter 1 The Woman Who Left The House Again01-01-1970

Chapter 2 The Unforgivable Woman01-01-1970

Chapter 3 The Man From That Day01-01-1970

Chapter 4 The Woman In The Passenger Seat01-01-1970

Chapter 5 The woman who won't let go01-01-1970

Chapter 6 The Woman Whose Lips Are Sealed01-01-1970

Chapter 7 The Birthday Girl.01-01-1970

Chapter 8 The Blunt Woman01-01-1970

Chapter 9 The Woman With A Stepfather... On Each Arm01-01-1970

Chapter 11 The Woman Who Is Ashamed01-01-1970

Chapter 12 The Woman Caught Red-Handed01-01-1970

Chapter 13 The Temporarily Dead Woman01-01-1970

Chapter 14 The 'B' Woman01-01-1970

Chapter 15 The Woman Beaten At Her Own Game01-01-1970

Chapter 16 The Man And Woman Who Couldn't Be Satisfied01-01-1970

Chapter 17 Easy Woman01-01-1970

Chapter 18 The Woman Who Held Back And The Woman Who Didn’t01-01-1970

Chapter 19 The Faithful Woman01-01-1970

Chapter 21 The Shackled Woman01-01-1970

Chapter 22 The Effeminate Woman01-01-1970

Chapter 23 The Woman Who Calls A Storm01-01-1970

Chapter 24 The Working Man01-01-1970

Chapter 25 The Man Who Is Working… For The Moment01-01-1970

Chapter 26 The Superficial Woman01-01-1970

Chapter 27 The Woman Who Is Like A Moth To A Flame01-01-1970

Chapter 28 The Honest Woman01-01-1970

Chapter 29 The Woman Who Remembered01-01-1970

Chapter 31 The Free Woman01-01-1970

Chapter 32 The Woman Under The Stars01-01-1970

Chapter 33 The Woman Who Got Involved01-01-1970

Chapter 34 The Working Woman01-01-1970

Chapter 35 The Negative Woman01-01-1970

Chapter 36 The Woman With A Prominent Forehead01-01-1970

Chapter 37 Each Her Own Woman01-01-1970

Chapter 38 Dead Ball01-01-1970

Chapter 39 The Woman With No Problems01-01-1970

Chapter 41 That Is A Fine Woman01-01-1970

Chapter 42 01-01-1970

Chapter 43 01-01-1970

Chapter 44 01-01-1970

Chapter 45 The "From Now On" Woman01-01-1970

Chapter 46 01-01-1970

Chapter 47 01-01-1970

Chapter 48 01-01-1970

Chapter 48.2 The Woman Who Steals Ahead05-03-2017

Chapter 49 01-01-1970

Chapter 51 The woman following after01-01-1970

Chapter 52 The woman with faith01-01-1970

Chapter 53 The man and woman, little by little01-01-1970

Chapter 54 The mahalo woman01-01-1970

Chapter 55 The Man In The Closet01-01-1970

Chapter 55.2 The man who forced his way in. (v2)01-01-1970

Chapter 56 The man called Ryuunosuke Date01-01-1970

Chapter 57 The woman who was just as expected.01-01-1970

Chapter 58 The Woman Traveling By Night.01-01-1970

Chapter 59 The Woman Without A Father.01-01-1970

Chapter 61 The Requesting Woman01-01-1970

Chapter 62 The Woman And Her Father01-01-1970

Chapter 63 The Man and Woman Sending Off01-01-1970

Chapter 64 The Woman With Opened Holes.01-01-1970

Chapter 65 The Masked Woman.01-01-1970

Chapter 66 The Woman In The Locked Room01-01-1970

Chapter 67 The Aggressive Woman.01-01-1970

Chapter 68 The Woman Lurking Underneath.01-01-1970

Chapter 69 The Pondering Man.01-01-1970

Chapter 71 The Shiinamachi Woman01-01-1970

Chapter 72 The Nurturing Woman.01-01-1970

Chapter 73 The Woman Eating Standing Up.01-01-1970

Chapter 74 The Man and Woman In The Mirror01-01-1970

Chapter 75 14-03-2017

Chapter 76 21-03-2017

Chapter 77 The Woman In The Background.03-05-2017

Chapter 78 The Imposing Woman.03-05-2017

Chapter 78.2 The Imposing Woman.03-05-2017

Chapter 79 The Woman Who Disappeared.03-05-2017

Chapter 81 21-04-2017

Chapter 82 The Cold-Blooded Man03-05-2017

Chapter 83 02-05-2017

Chapter 84 04-05-2017

Chapter 85 06-05-2017

Chapter 86 09-05-2017

Chapter 87 11-05-2017

Chapter 88 24-05-2017