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Genres: Drama, Romance, School-life, Shounen, Sports,
Author(s): Adachi Mitsuru
Source: mangapark
Status: Ongoing 
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From ANN: The story of Mix takes place in the same Meisei Gakuen high school as Touch, only it is set 26 years later. Like Touch, Mix revolves around brothers, and promotional images indicate that Mix will also have the sport of baseball as a theme.


Chapter 1 What's Your Problem05-03-2017

Chapter 2 Now That's Huge05-03-2017

Chapter 3 Because We're Brothers05-03-2017

Chapter 4 When It's Raining This Hard05-03-2017

Chapter 5 Then Why05-03-2017

Chapter 6 To My Signs05-03-2017

Chapter 7 Tachibana Otomi,at Her Youth's Entrance05-03-2017

Chapter 8 It's A First-class Pitch05-03-2017

Chapter 9 Just Trade with Us!05-03-2017

Chapter 11 You're a Pitcher, Right05-03-2017

Chapter 12 I'm Glad05-03-2017

Chapter 13 Of Course It Does05-03-2017

Chapter 14 When Spring Comes05-03-2017

Chapter 15 You Worried05-03-2017

Chapter 16 I'm Not Trusted At All05-03-2017

Chapter 17 I'm Not Trusted At All05-03-2017

Chapter 18 My Brother05-03-2017

Chapter 19 That's My Brother05-03-2017

Chapter 21 I Feel A Little Sorry For Them05-03-2017

Chapter 22 Hello05-03-2017

Chapter 23 Just A Walk05-03-2017

Chapter 24 That's How a Childhood Friend Should Be05-03-2017

Chapter 25 Throw A Pitch05-03-2017

Chapter 26 Rock-Paper-Scissors05-03-2017

Chapter 27 Just A Passerby05-03-2017

Chapter 28 Aren't You Underestimating Him?05-03-2017

Chapter 29 Are u Sure05-03-2017

Chapter 31 05-03-2017

Chapter 32 05-03-2017

Chapter 33 Nice Ball05-03-2017

Chapter 34 They're Losing05-03-2017

Chapter 35 I Believe You05-03-2017

Chapter 36 So I Could See That Look On Her Face05-03-2017

Chapter 37 Feels So Lively05-03-2017

Chapter 38 We're Not On The Same Wavelength05-03-2017

Chapter 39 He Really Does05-03-2017

Chapter 41 It's A Date, Right?03-05-2017

Chapter 42 16-03-2017

Chapter 43 21-04-2017